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A team of professional personal consultants will assist your business in solving complex cases regarding tax issues, global market access, asset diversification and protection, as well as investment. 24/7 service.

Paying Taxes from Offshore Funds

There are different milestones in a successful entrepreneur’s life. First, you need to promote your business with maximum efforts and start making money. Using an offshore financial centre can help a lot. Then comes a pleasant moment when the capital is earned, and you can reap rewards. Each of us has different cravings. It may be luxury real estate, large business investments or the purchase of securities portfolio. However, this pleasant moment is overshadowed by the question - how to pay taxes on offshore gains and return offshore funds to the home country for personal use?

“Paying taxes from offshore funds” service solves the following tasks:

  • legal payment of dividends from an offshore business;
  • returning offshore assets to the home country (for example, in order to buy real estate without paying a bunch of taxes);
  • obtaining legal funds for their free use;
  • use of preferential terms of international taxation;
  • compliance with CFC regulations;
  • making use of the tax amnesty.

What we offer:

We develop a detailed scheme of repatriation of capital based on tax legislation of the countries involved. We calculate the tax burden from the source to the final beneficiary and thereby ensure free use of assets for personal purposes.

The result you get:

  • final release from offshore status through the transfer of assets to your country;
  • the ability to legally spend money at home;
  • saved time, since we undertake most of the workload;
  • as an option, we help transfer funds to Swiss banks with a high credit rating.

We will help you on the way through tax thorns to disposable capital!

You can make sure of this at the first free consultation, during which we will analyse your case and discuss options for solving problems.

* "Payment taxes from offshore funds" service is often accompanied with establishing a trust fund and opening an account in Switzerland.



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