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August 18, 2019
What Happened to PNB Banka?

The deoffshorization process is in full spate, causing a new victim. Another major bank in Latvia is suspended. We are talking about PNB Banka, which was previously called Norvik...

August 05, 2019
How to Pass Compliance Procedures and Secure Sustainable Work of the Company`s Bank Account?

This article is meantfor entrepreneurs who are engaged in international business and employa non-resident company as an optimization tool. Obviously, offshore is the main business...

July 08, 2019
Russia Stiffened Legalization Rules for Controlled Foreign Companies

In June,Russia launched the third stage of capital amnesty, which will run until 2020. The second phase ended in February. Unlike the previous stages, the government decided to slightly...

October 03, 2019

Tax havens create various possibilities for company development and allow to make decisions that will lead to the most effective company management. Few people know that there are...

June 11, 2019
Millionaires are fleeing from Russia en masse: statistics and causes

Economic downfall, the expanding list of sanctions, as well as increased control from both tax authorities and political elite resulted in a massexodusof dollar millionaires from...

May 12, 2019
Why to open a company in the UK?

Financial globalization had allowed businesspersons to use effective tax planning schemes to increase business profitability. The reaction to the reduction of tax revenues for the...

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February 15, 2017
Why to Register Intellectual Property?

This topic attracts more attention every year and this is not surprising as discoveries are being made all the time. Without a patent, they can be simply “stolen” by...

April 11, 2019
Only victory! New achievements of the Golden Glory team fighters

Our friends, sportsmen of the Golden Glory Team Latvian fight club, received several awards at the beginning of April. On April 6, the Vikings Warlords Professional Fight Show...

March 13, 2019
Consulting firms as the basis of contemporary business

Today consulting firms are more needed than ever. In the developed market economy consulting firms provide a wide range of services for all categories of entrepreneurs. A highly...

February 18, 2019
Advantages of buying real estate in Bulgaria

When there is money for buying a new house and desire to invest in real estate in a warm inexpensive country, many choose Bulgaria. The low cost of apartments and houses is not the...

Offshore TV
February 01, 2019
Эпоха больших перемен: задуматься над спасением активов следовало еще вчера

Offshore TV
January 12, 2019
IT бизнес в Грузии: виртуальной компании — реальное освобождение от налогов

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