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A team of professional personal consultants will assist your business in solving complex cases regarding tax issues, global market access, asset diversification and protection, as well as investment. 24/7 service.

Legal Support for Your Company

It is impossible to conduct business without professional legal support. Every business owner should take care of the legal issues that arise when dealing with regulators, foundations, banks, other commercial and non-profit institutions, partners, subsidiaries, contractors, customers, and other individuals.

When is the outsourcing of legal services necessary?

If you do not have a full-time lawyer, the answer is: “Always”. Situations requiring legal advice can arise at every stage of doing business. Right after the registration, the company immediately enters into various relationships with a number of the above-mentioned structures. Most of these interactions are governed by legal procedures, which are often complex, constantly changing, sometimes even contradictory. As a result, the company is under the influence of various laws, instructions, rules, acts, and regulations that should be followed.

The situation is even more complicated if a business or its part is conducted in a foreign jurisdiction. In this case, the subtleties of foreign legislation, legal ties between countries, provisions of international law additionally come into force.

At the same time, businesspersons often lack knowledge in a legal framework governing the activities of their companies. Therefore, they fail to succeed in controversial situations with government services and partners or don’t know how to draw up contracts, etc. Attempts to understand the legislation take too much time. In addition, the slightest mistake in documentation may cost not only the company's reputation, but also cause substantial money loss and even lead to litigation.

In such an environment, a business needs an experienced guide through codes of laws and regulations. The delegation of authority to an experienced lawyer or a team of lawyers allows each business participant to focus on the business activity itself. Thus, the management will avoid making costly mistakes.

Legal support at Intelligent Solution Group

Experienced lawyers of Intelligent Solution Group guarantee legal protection of your business and its interests. Our legal services include:

  • arrangement and support of transactions;
  • legal assessment of corporate documentation;
  • company representation in public authorities, banks, in court;
  • analysis and implementation of international legal regulations into the company's activities;
  • establishing legal relations with all business participants, participation in negotiations;
  • registering a company, representative office, opening an account, and other operations;
  • preparation for compliance, due diligence, handling inquiries, and other checks of supervisory authorities;
  • oversight over implementation of legal procedures, adherence to the timing of necessary legal action in order to avoid fines;
  • appeal against illegal actions targeting your company;
  • compliance with HR formalities;
  • competent draft of appeals to the authorities and much more.

Overall, the Legal Support service is aimed at conducting lawful business and saving your time. The service provides a comprehensive individual approach to each client. We guarantee complete confidentiality and support of your interests.

Ordering the related services helps not only to organize legal support for existing operations but to achieve new goals, i.e. save on taxes, apply for a residence permit or citizenship, withdraw and retain assets, etc.

The OUTCOME: legally flawless business, impeccable for the supervisory authorities.



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