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Family Asset Management and Administration Services

Proper management of family funds or property is not an easy task. Therefore, in Europe and around the world so-called “family offices” are in high demand. Such companies provide services of family asset management for the purpose of its accumulation and growth. The Family Office aims to make clients feel confident about the future and to protectthem from the daily concerns about safekeeping of family assets

Why do entrepreneurs choose Family Asset Management?

Entrepreneurs tend to use the Family Office Service for two main reasons:

  1. A lack of opportunities or experience in managing a family business or assets inherited.
  2. Family members want to provide an integrated approach to the management of family assets, and therefore wish to entrust them to one reliable company.

Entrust Intelligent Solution Group with your family assets

Intelligent Solution Group has extensive experience in asset management. We will efficiently manage and increase family capital. We offer our customers:

  • arrangement, analysis, and structuring of all assets in order to evaluate the family capital;
  • management of securities portfolio owned by family members;
  • management of family business and real estate;
  • representation in all authorities and legal support.

THE OUTCOME: safekeeping of family assets, income increase and a secure future for family members

To each customer, our company assigns a personal assistant who will walk you through the service provision.

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