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A team of professional personal consultants will assist your business in solving complex cases regarding tax issues, global market access, asset diversification and protection, as well as investment. 24/7 service.



An entrepreneur engaged in international trade constantly faces challenges associated with changes to legislation, strict regulations, and industry risks. Our Corporate Service helps to cope with these challenges. We offer complete support for the client's business suggesting efficient solutions for the following problems:

  • difficulties in opening bank accounts;
  • exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, problems with foreign currency transactions;
  • bank compliance procedures;
  • CRS and CFC tax data exchange;
  • insecurity of personal assets and the need to move them abroad;
  • high tax and administrative burden in one’s country of residence.

What are the benefits of becoming our client?

Comprehensive consulting allows clients to evaluate the situation of their business as a whole, which leads to the right solution. Our corporate services include the following tangible benefits:

  • flawless reputation in the eyes of regulatory bodies;
  • security of business and private capital, for example, through asset allocation;
  • higher profits through a low tax company;
  • international market entry;
  • lower company maintenance costs;
  • ability to keep private assets in reliable international banks, business development via bank leverage;
  • simple and quick payment transactions.

The Essence of Corporate Service by Intelligent Solution Group

Our consulting includes a number of personalised services. We provide a comprehensive approach in order to improve the overall client’s situation.

Our corporate service is based on six pillars:

  • International Tax Planning - which includes measures designed to optimize the activities of a non-resident company and to legitimately minimize tax liabilities, as well as simplify the tax administration process;
  • Bank Compliance – which allows to smoothly pass the examination by the bank and open an account in any foreign bank;
  • Due Diligence – which suggests a reliability assessment of potential and existing business partners and objects of transactions;
  • Secretarial, agency and fiduciary services – which include nominee service, bookkeeping, and asset management;
  • Asset management through trusts and funds;
  • Investment in real estate, stocks, securities, and cryptocurrency.

THE OUTCOME: preservation and increase of capital, saving a substantial amount of time and money

A distinctive feature of Intelligent Solution Group is an individual approach to solving customer’s problems. Every customer is assigned a personal assistant who exercises operational control over all aspects of the corporate service.

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