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Labuan is a federal territory of Malaysia. In 1990 the government established here the International Offshore Financial Center. As a result, today international companies such as Kraft or Procter & Gamble have subsidiaries in Labuan.


When registering a trading company, you can choose one of the following two types of income taxation:

  1. To pay tax in amount of 3% on net audited profit;
  2. To pay a fixed sum in amount of 5,000 EUR per year.

Withholding taxon dividends– 0%.

Company tax number is assigned automatically upon registration.

Confidentiality and management structure


The registrar of companies is closed.

Information about the director and shareholder can be only obtained upon request.

Information about a beneficiary is an internal document of the company and is stored by the registrar.


The company should have at least one director and shareholder. There are no special requirements regarding their citizenship.

Nominee service can be used.

Every company must have a local secretary.


Once a year, the company should submit the Annual Report (current information about the company, list of directors, shareholders and legal address).

Companies that choose to pay a 3% tax should submit an annual financial report approved by the auditor. For other companies, submission of financial statements is optional. We inform our customers in advance of the extension date and the documents needed for the financial report.

Maintenance price without nominee service:

The price of company registration and the first year of maintenance – 3800 EUR. The price includes:

  1. Company registration and obtaining a legal address;
  2. Issuance of corporate documents;
  3. Local secretary service;
  4. State fees.

Annual extension – 3950 EUR. The price includes:

  1. Legal address;
  2. Local secretary service;
  3. State fees;
  4. Submission of a tax statement;
  5. Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing.

DHL – 150 EUR.

If the company chooses 3% taxation, upon extension preparation and submission of a financial report is required. The price starts from 1500 EUR + auditor certification from 65 EUR per hour.

*The term of company registration "on a turnkey basis"- up to 3 weeks.

To summarize

Opening euro and dollar account at the place of company registration, availability of nominee service, high confidentiality and low tax rates make Labuan an attractive jurisdiction for business registration.



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