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Estonia is a country for those who care about business reputation and tax optimization. Estonia is considered to be European “startup paradise” and annually holds high positions in doing business rankings.


Estonian law stipulates a corporate income tax rate of 0%, provided that a company does not distribute profits (does not pay dividends).

The dividend tax rate is 25%.

Capital gains tax is regarded as a standard income of a company. Tax is accrued at the general rate at the momentof profit distribution.

Upon registration, a company automatically receives a tax number.

Confidentiality and management structure


Information on company shareholders and directors is available in an open registrar. Nominee service is not available, a company is registered on a client’s representative’s name. It is possible to hire a local director.


The company must have at least one director and shareholder. There are special requirements regarding their citizenship. The company must have a local representative who acts as a contact person for government agencies.


The company must keep accounts. Also, once a year a financial report and Annual Return must be submitted. An Estonian company is audited if two of the following conditions are met:

  1. Sales or income exceed 2 mln EUR;
  2. On-balance volume exceeds 1 mln EUR.

Or one of following conditions:

  1. Sales or income exceed 6 mln EUR;
  2. On-balance volume exceeds 3.5 mln EUR;

We inform our customers in advance of the extension date and the documents needed for the financial report.

Maintenance price

Price of company registration and first year of maintenance1800 EUR. The price includes:

  1. Company registration, obtaining a legal address including office lease;
  2. Set of corporate documents certified and translated into English;
  3. A secretary, virtual office, postal service;
  4. A representative in Estonia – a procurator.

The annual extension of the company costs 1200 EUR. The price includes:

  1. Legal address including the office lease agreement;
  2. A secretary, virtual office, postal service;
  3. A representative in Estonia – a procurator.

DHL – 150 EUR.

Accounting services – from 100 EUR per month.

Preparation and submission of financial report – from 950 EUR (depends on the amount of transactions).

*The term of company registration "on a turnkey basis" is from 10 days to 3 weeks.

To summarize

Geographical proximity, zero taxes, ease of doing business, and government support make Estonia an attractive jurisdiction for company registration and an effective instrument of tax optimization.



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