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EU Citizenship is a Reliable Backup for Your Business

Business immigration to Europe has never been more popular. The EU countries offer favourable conditions for everyday life and doing business. Therefore, a smart businessperson seeks to apply for a residence permit in Europe. The benefits are obvious: you keep your country's passport and simultaneously get the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that the legal system of European states offers to its citizens. In addition, Europe is close to the CIS countries culturally and geographically, travelling between the countries takes only a few hours. Considering this, many EU countries are trying to attract Eastern European businesspersons through investment programmes.

Those who are considering the prospects of business immigration to Europe may have the following questions:

  • What are the best countries for immigration?
  • How to quickly get a visa and prepare documents for obtaining a residence permit in Europe?
  • How to arrange accommodation for my family?
  • How to manage assets when immigrating to Europe?

We know how to quickly relocate to Europe

Experts of Intelligent Solution Group help to solve all issues related to business immigration to Europe. We offer a comprehensive set of services that significantly simplifies and speeds up obtaining citizenship, permanent residence or a residence permit in Europe. We will:

  • analyse the available business immigration programmes and choose the best ones;
  • suggest the investment areas, analyse the prospects and conditions for the real estate purchase;
  • assist in preparing documents for immigration and check-ups;
  • select a jurisdiction for tax residency;
  • help to set a new company or invest in an existing business;
  • carry out the process of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship in Europe, including registering an office and place of residence, getting a tax number, paying necessary fees, opening a bank account, etc.;
  • provide a crystal-clear business reputation, verify all documents and sources of income.

Intelligent Solution Group facilitates immigration to such European countries as Latvia, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, and Malta. Each of these countries may offer special benefits, depending on the client’s situation. For example, many Russian-speaking citizens live in Latvia. Cyprus and the UK grant additional opportunities for cooperation with large companies. Portugal is distinguished by fairly easy immigration process, whereas Malta has favourable taxation. Being the members of the EU, all of these countries offer visa-free entry to more than 150 countries of the world.

The OUTCOME: obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of a European country while easily overcoming bureaucratic procedures

Intelligent Solution Group assigns a personal assistant who accompanies clients throughout the whole process of business immigration.



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